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PillCam - Click here to learn moreSaving lives and improving health through the latest advances science has to offer

If this is your first visit to Dr. Karyotakis’ office, welcome to a whole new kind of gastrointestinal care. The kind that puts health, wellness and prevention ahead of simply treating disease.

Dr. Karyotakis is known for his compassionate care and providing leading-edge treatments for digestive disorders. Not only are 80% of Dr. Karyotakis’ patients referred to him by local doctors, several of these doctors trust Dr. Karyotakis for the gastrointestinal care of themselves and their families.

Dr. Karyotakis always welcomes patient questions because he believes proper education is the foundation of proper health.

GastroIntestinal BioSciences is the only private organization in West Los Angeles to offer both the Pillcam endoscopy capsule and the Bravo™ pH monitor. Ask Dr. Karyotakis about these and other comfortable, technologically advanced ways of diagnosing and treating your intestinal disorders.

Click here to view Dr. Karyotakis' video on the PillCam Procedure.


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Los Angeles Gastroenterologist, Dr. Karyotakis specializes in Gastroenterology, including colonoscopy and endoscopy and Capsule Endoscopy here in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.