Gastroenterologist uses Endoscopy to diagnose digestive problems in Los Angeles / Beverly Hills

Finding the right Gastroenterologist here in Los Angeles can be an overwhelming task especially if you're not feeling well. When your digestive system is working normally, you're not even aware of the many complicated functions it performs. However, sometimes it malfunctions leading to distressing and embarrassing symptoms, and occasionally, it can be the site of a serious ailment. This is when you begin to become aware of your digestive system. Right next door to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Gastroenterologist Dr. Karyotakis, is a doctor with great expertise and has a reputation for treating his patients with respect and compassion.

Dr. Karyotakis is broadly trained in treating nearly every type of digestive disorder. Endoscopy is one procedure used for the diagnosis and treatment of some digestive problems. Endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure used to examine a person's digestive tract. Using an endoscope, a flexible tube with a light and camera attached to it, Dr. Karyotakis can view pictures of your digestive tract on a color TV monitor.

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Los Angeles Gastroenterologist, Dr. Karyotakis specializes in Gastroenterology, including colonoscopy and endoscopy and Capsule Endoscopy here in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.